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I specialise in coaching executive directors and senior managers, although I take great pleasure in working with those who are in career transition. This might include leadership development coaching for those preparing for the next significant step on the career ladder, those returning to work and those reviewing their career options.

I bring my energy and interest to give active support and challenge to my coachees. Having adopted an approach of ‘serious work with a lightness of touch’ from an early mentor, I find that building trusting relationships, taking a pragmatic approach and, when appropriate, adding a little laughter, make work much more enjoyable. I am known for my approachability, my listening and my follow through on commitments. Increasingly I am taking my practice outdoors, removing the constraints of the office and incorporating the external environment as a rich resource in coaching conversations.

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Whilst clients hold responsibility for their choices and actions, I work with them collaboratively, through a range of approaches, tools and techniques, to help them realise new insights and progress towards their goals. Often these include bringing clarity to their decision making; developing greater self-knowledge; understanding the organisational context and culture; and improving team dynamics.

In addition to 1-2-1 coaching, I offer team coaching, action learning set facilitation and facilitation of leadership and management workshops to support strategy development, change management and the development of leadership and coaching skills.

With the onset of the pandemic, much of my practice has been to support individuals - and through them, their teams - in adjusting to sudden change and maintaining wellbeing. As uncertainty continued, the focus of work shifted towards reviewing the resilience and sustaintability of new working arrangements, effective virtual team management and developing plans for a 'new normal'.


March 2020 shifted a lot of work to a virtual format. However, working outside has given the opportunity for some socially distanced face-to-face work to continue and many clients have really valued the opportunity for some fresh air and gentle exercise as we walk and talk.

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