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“It's been a pleasure to work with Sara – I have found the process really useful. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and taken away a number of actions and ways of working to put back into my day-to-day role which have helped me have more impact” Education Programme Director, HE Sector

“I really appreciated how quickly Sara established an open, trusting and respectful relationship. I found myself opening up very early in our sessions, which is not something I tend to do. Sara is good at listening and framing questions which made me think about things in a different way. She helped me understand my feelings about certain matters and how these were impacting as well as supporting me in changing behaviours to achieve better outcomes” Finance Director, Local Government

“Sara listens well and quickly establishes a good rapport. She has helped me bring my thoughts together into a coherent picture and identify and implement a number of actions to take my team and my own performance forward” Marketing Director, Charitable Sector

“I am genuinely given space for reflection and contemplation in sessions which I find extremely rewarding, and I feel safe doing” Director of Learning & Teaching, HE Sector

I feel empowered – this is the best I’ve felt about my career potential in many years! CEO, Students’ Union

"I have to tell you that was the first time I have ever really enjoyed a breakout room! It was such a valuable morning for me. You created a wonderfully open and supportiuve environment and doing that online is no mean feat!" Masters level Course Leader

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